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About Us What You Need To Know

  • Composition

    A Synchro team typically comprises 12-16 skaters, working in unison to present formations, spins, lifts and footwork with an artistic presentation.

  • Something for Everyone

    If you’re looking for something different that is social, fun and challenging, Synchro Skating may be for you.

  • Competition

    Our Synchro teams compete in state competitions. Each calendar year season is aimed at competing in the Australian Figure Skating Championships where we have a proud record of achievement.

Values and conduct on and off the ice

In this club we are a family and respect each other always

  • We help each other and include everyone
  • We try our best all the time and work as a team
  • We can all shine when we listen to our coaches and to each other
  • We can dream big and achieve with patience and cooperation

From the Beginning

We should always remember where we came from to remember where we’re going…

  • “Ice World Ladies Club” coached by Christine Hodge and David Savage 1985
  • Team started by Genevieve Hohnen (nee Faulkner) and Kristy Dunlop 2001
  • Ice Synchro WA incorporated 2009
  • Sydney Synchro Festival Gold Medal 2018

The competition is held over three days and includes Official Practice and then two days for the short program and the free skate program.

National Championships

Each team trains during the year in order to compete at Club, State and ultimately National Championships.

  1. If a team demonstrates sufficient performance it is nominated by WAISA to compete in the National Championship
  2. Championships are held in a different city each year in very late November and early December
  3. Typically they are held in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane and so involve travel and accommodation

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Our Coaches The Best of the Best

Genevieve was the founding coach of ISWA in 2001. She is a level 2 APSA Accredited coach and has been to many conferences, seminars and competitions both within Australia and internationally. She has coached teams in development, Novice, Junior and Senior levels at State and National levels, and has over 20 years experience in coaching and choreographing synchronised skating.

Teams coached by Genevieve have won many medals at the National level. She was the head coach for Infusion when the team won two National championships in 2014 and 2016, and was the Australian Coach at the World Synchronised Skating Championships in 2015 and 2017.

Genevieve is now involved in mentoring coaches and developing the sport within Western Australia at a broader level.

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Danielle is a Level 2 synchronized skating coach who has been coaching teams for the Australian National Championships for 11 years. She has coached development, Novice, Mixed Age, Junior and Senior teams, and is currently a Senior coach with ISWA. Danielle has had extensive training, partaking in 5 international training camps in Canada as well as numerous camps within Australia from Finnish, American and Canadian coaches.

Danielle has been figure skating for 22 years and has competed for WA at 19 National Championships in her career. She is the 2014 and 2016 National Champion with the Senior team Infusion, and has competed at the World Championships 3 times for Australia. Danielle was a part of Team Canada, Nexxice, for the 2018/2019 season, where they were the Trophy décosse and Spring Cup Milan Champions. They also won a bronze medal at the World Championships for their short program, resulting in a 4th overall.

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